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About Amy

Creating the beauty that surrounds me...

Hello!  My name is Amy Douglas.

I am an artist passionate about creating modern abstract art. 

My styles vary from bold statement pieces to delicate, earth-toned, neutral, and minimalistic art. 

I love to be challenged, experiment, and push boundaries!

With modern abstract art, there is always something exciting and new!  The tools colors and techniques are endless! 


I love nature and the natural world that surrounds us!  Traveling, waterfalls, oceans, mountains, exploring, and adventure are some of my most inspiring things.  Thoughtfully, I bring these elements into my modern abstract art using colors, texture, mark-making, and many other techniques to create moods, interest, and depth. 

By the use of color choices, I can create feelings such as nostalgia, serenity, or even excitement.  A special technique that I love is placing paper, poems, excerpts, or newsprints into an abstract painting to create a unique, one-of-a-kind composition. Sometimes, only those who take the time to look more closely will find these hidden treasures.  

-Amy Douglas


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